6 Powerful Ways Simplero Helps Grow Your Business Online

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The heart of Optimise and Grow Online is crafting, streamlining, and fostering online businesses. You name it, we've explored it - platforms from simple drag-and-drop course creators to sophisticated email marketing systems, and everything in between. Our experience has honed our discerning eye for platforms that truly simplify online business growth.

And right now? Simplero is winning at #allthethings.

What’s the deal with Simplero and why should you pay attention?

Allow me to quote them:

Simplero is one simple software that allows coaches to scale their business through marketing, online courses and memberships.

But honestly, Simplero's potential extends far beyond coaches. It's a powerhouse for anyone building or scaling a business online.

So, business owners, if you're in the business of marketing, creating online courses, offering memberships, or delivering subscription services - Simplero, with its comprehensive and easy-to-use toolset, should be on your radar.

With Simplero, your work becomes a breeze as you can effortlessly create and manage:

  • Online courses
  • Email list
  • Landing pages and sales pages
  • Mini-websites
  • Membership and forum sites, complete with private pages and content
  • Checkouts, payment plans, and gateway links
  • Email marketing and automation campaigns
  • Legal pages
  • Affiliate centres for your courses
  • A customer support desk

Simplero also provides a centralised hub for all your:

  • CRM contacts
  • Potential leads
  • Customer and sales data
  • Resources and digital media

But there's more to the Simplero story than just the feature set. Let's delve into the 6 key reasons we're totally smitten with Simplero!

How Simplero makes growing a business online so effortless and effective

#1 no tech knowledge necessary

If running a business online or getting started with one, you probably already Possess a moderate level of technical proficiency and maybe a bit of sass, too.

But even if you don’t or you’re figuring it out as you go along, Breathe a deep sigh of relief.

Simplero eliminates the need for any knowledge of integrations, Zaps, or technical "back-end stuff". With Simplero, you can focus on your business without worrying about the technical complexities.

But at the same time, you'll find that other platforms you use that need to link to Simplero (like Xero/QBO, Acuity, or Bonjoro) just work nicely.

#2 Elevate your courses

The thought of rolling out an online course can make your head spin, given the numerous moving parts. But, Simplero's got your back, simplifying it in two phases:

  1. Crafting your course, and then
  2. Handling the sign-up process.
Course Creation

Once your course content is complete, you'll find smooth sailing ahead with Simplero's drag-and-drop feature to build your course. Just set up a mini-site for your course, populate it with modules and lessons, and attach any media files (PDFs, Word docs, videos, etc). Easy peasy!

And launching is just as easy. Simplero gives you:

  • Timed checkout (no midnight vigil to close your sales page)
  • Auto redirection to waiting list post checkout closure
  • Preview options for non-members
  • Redirection to the sign-up page from the course preview page

The cherry on top? Everything is customisable, so you can add your unique touch. And guess what? You can even use custom domain names if that tickles your fancy.

Selling Your Course

Once your course is ready to shine, it's all about making it a breeze for your leads to sign up. Simplero arms you with:

  • Multiple sign-up form templates
  • Layouts for long landing pages
  • Designs for even longer sales pages
  • Interactive quizzes/questionnaires for lead generation

Just connect these to your course, connect them to the appropriate list list on the email management side of Simplero, and you’re set.

Epic Add-Ons for Course and Memberships Sites

Simplero has a few more tricks up its sleeve:

  • Add customers to multiple courses all at once, easily
  • Safeguard your video/audio resources so they can't be downloaded or copied beyond the refund period you choose
  • Require product purchases to include an agreement signed by the customer (especially great for coaches and consultants)
  • Setup your own custom support desk
  • Create membership forums for private (or public) community discussions

Now that your course and sign-up pages are ready, it's time to nurture your audience and support your customers with automated email marketing.


#3 Email marketing made ridiculously easy

Does setting up email automations, playing with if/then/else segmentations, and managing a gazillion tags give you a headache?

Same here.

But here's the good news: Simplero comes pre-loaded with email automation workflows and ready-to-use email templates, so you can hit the ground running. Pre-designed templates for everything from "thank you" messages, "login details" to "payment reminders" are ready and waiting.

You can tweak the automation that suits your needs, assign it to the relevant course or email list, and voila!

There are even a ton of ways to personalise landing pages, emails, membership sites and mini-sites. So everything has your own unique voice, look and feel.

Simplero even keeps a keen eye on your emails, checking for broken links so you don't have to. #winning

#4 A one-stop shop for all your data and content resources

Running an online course can involve juggling a lot of data and resources. You need course content, media files, email content, and all-important data on sign-ups, members, and payments. Worry not, Simplero's got your back:

  • A spacious media library for your documents, videos, images, and more
  • A built-in email marketing platform to streamline your nurture sequences
  • A central data point, so you don't have to scramble for insights from third-party resources or plugins with direct integration with Google Analytics!

Trust us when we say they've taken the "all-in-one" approach to the next level!

#5 Streamlined Payment Management

There's no greater feeling than seeing your efforts translate into revenue. So, why not make that process as smooth as possible?

Simplero helps you keep track of your income, providing real-time data for each offering, contact, month, and quarter. And it doesn't stop there.

You can handle VAT/GST, offer multiple currencies, and accept payments through Stripe, Paypal, or bank transfers. Plus, it offers the flexibility to set different pricing levels for each course or product.

In short, Simplero is your one-stop-shop for all things payment-related.

#6 World-Class Customer Support

When you choose Simplero, you're not just buying a service. You're signing up for a partnership.

Proving this point, Simplero offers top-notch customer service, including onboarding concierge hours with some plans.

The support team is always ready to assist, providing timely, accurate responses. Moreover, they have an extensive knowledge base and a community on Facebook for added assistance.

Unleash Simplero’s Full Potential

Frankly, it's hard not to be excited about Simplero. Can you see why? And we've still got a few more reasons why it should be your go-to platform for online business growth.

Unified Business Management

Not a fan of the typical website platforms such as WordPress, Wix and Squarespace? Simplero offers a viable alternative with a lot more functionality on top.

Looking to recruit affiliates for course promotion? It’s only a few clicks away on Simplero.

Want to save money? Simplero can replace several other services you currently pay for, such as video hosting platforms, email marketing providers, course platforms, and more.

Frankly, when you look at all the ways Simplero can help you save money, switching can make a whole lot of sense. Check your own figures to see if it's true for you.

Simplero’s Rule The World Plan

Simplero’s Rule The World plan is designed for those aiming for global domination. It's the perfect choice if you have multiple courses or products, if you manage multiple membership sites, or if you're a versatile entrepreneur with numerous brands.

So, are you ready to conquer the world?

Try Simplero for 30 days - FREE!


Note: This article contains affiliate links. This means that if you make a purchase, we receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. Rest assured, we only endorse tools that we have used extensively and believe in.

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