27 Best Reasons Why Simplero Is the Ultimate Way To Grow Your Business

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Note: This post includes affiliate links which means that if you make a purchase, we will receive a small thank you commission at no additional cost to you. This does not impact our reviews and comparisons – we only recommend tools we have used extensively and love!

Over the years we have tried and tested COUNTLESS platforms to host our courses, email platforms and online stores over the years. And after all these years we have finally landed on Simplero as the winner. This is because it just makes everything to do with running our business so easy.

27 reasons we fell in love with Simplero

1. It’s the full package. . .

It covers everything from managing email lists, creating and hosting online courses, crafting landing pages for lead generation, and setting up membership sites to managing payments, automating workflows, and tracking client relationships and sales data.
The support team even actually responds to your messages quickly!

2. . . .This Means No External Apps.

Have you ever sat in front of your screen, staring and confused about why the system just won’t do what you want?

Simplero has NO need for external apps, it does everything you need internally. Booking calls, courses, products and email marketing are all easily accessible.

3. Seamless Integrations

If you need to integrate third-party software like Xero or Zoom, the process is seamless and easy to learn.
Because Simplero just makes life easy.

4. Prevent Your Hard Work From Being Taken

You have complete control over who gets access to what. When someone signs up to your course you can decide if and when they can download or copy your media files. You can also release it after the refund period.

5. Automate Your Life

If you are anything like us then you LOVE using automations to make your life easier. Simplero has some of the easiest and most effective automations we have ever used.

One-click automation to add your customers to lists, automatically send emails and so much more are just a few of the basic things Simplero lets you do.

6. No Wasting Time On System Emails

As much as we love communicating with our customers writing dry system emails takes way too long.

From “payment thank yous” to “login detail emails” it is all already laid out in Simplelro for you to pick up and use for sales funnels, courses and memberships straight away.
This saves so much time!

7. Keep On Top Of Your Business Income

As soon as you log into your account you're presented with the income you’ve made, with a chart showing your total income.
You can drill down further and see how much each product has made, what customers have purchased and SO much more.
It also includes options for GST/VAT/multi-currency options which are awesome.

8. Get Paid How You Want

Stripe, Paypal and bank transfer are great options to get paid.
The best part is you can change the method used for each product. Not only that but you can organise payment plans and autocharges to customise the payments further.

9. Top Quality Support

Are you tired of waiting days to get urgent issues solved?

Simplero’s support staff responds very quickly and is always super helpful. There is also a large library of training videos to help you master the website. They also have a Facebook group to chat with similar customers for any issues or advice.

This all gives it the big tick of support approval.

10. Data All In One Place

The best part about Simplero being an all-in-one solution is everything is in one place. No need to switch between software, keeping an Excel sheet with all the numbers.

Log into Simplero and see all the stats right away. It even has a direct integration with Google Analytics. Geek out on your data analytics without having to mess around with any code.

11. Revolutionalise Emails

Alongside your library of saved emails to use for your automation, Simplero has the best email hack.

It tells you if the links work or not. Before you send the email off to your eager customers it generates a check with all the links that are broken. Gone are the days of sending emails to customers that don’t work. #relief

12. Personalise Your Emails

The key to getting customers to read your emails is personalisation. Simplero takes this to another level with personalisation on every level.

Check out one way to stand out from your competitors:

13. Find All Your Contacts In One Spot

Yet another way that Simplero reduces the systems you need is it can act as a CRM. You can see all your contact's data which means you can easily have access to:

  1. What access do your customers have
  2. How far along your customer's payment plans are
  3. The investment levels of your contacts

You can continue your customisation journey by changing the information you can gather.

14. Next Level Course 

Courses in Simplero are not only super easy for you to make, it is also super easy for your customers to use. They offer heaps of great features like:

  • Timed open/close of checkout for offers
  • Push customers to wait lists when the cart closes
  • Give your customers a sneak peek of courses for non-members
  • Redirect your customers to push them along your sales funnels

15. Payments Made Easy

Lack of payment options should never be the reason your customers get deterred from a product/course. Luckily Simplero never has that issue.

There are a variety of payment levels and payment plans available for customers. Coupon prices, secret links and special prices for limited-time offers are also available.

16. Grow Your Business With Affiliates

Simplero has the easiest way to set up an affiliate centre, build passive income and grow your business. Everything from default emails to onboarding messages is already set up. All that is left is to set your terms, and affiliate rate and set the products you want to include.

17. No Need For Coding

Coding can be frightening and provides a large barrier to making your site look great. Luckily, Simplero needs no coding to make your pages, membership sites or courses look beautiful. There is a super easy drag-and-drop feature to make everything simple.

18. All Your Media In the Same Place

A media library allows you to store all your files in one spot which makes it quick and easy to find whatever you need. Grab links for your clients with the click of a button.

There is also a search function that allows you to search through all the files instantly.

No need to spend hours searching to find that one pesky file.

19. Solve Customer's Issues 

Customer support can be a huge time suck when running an online course or membership site.

Simplero has a help desk option that allows your customers to easily submit any questions or tickets they need. Keep track and stay on top of the answers and build FAQ forms.

20. Interactive Media And Resources

With Simplero you can interact with your audience and visitors in so many different ways. Worksheets, quizzes and media are all great ways to customise your customer's experience. #engagement

21. Make Your Site Your Own

With simple drag-and-drop features, you can easily change your page and customise it to exactly how you want. There is also a bonus to use CSS code to make it even more unique

22. Rule The World Plan For Growing Online Businesses

Simplero's Rule The World Plan gives you the ability to have multiple membership sites. This can be assigned to different domains and brands allowing you to run multiple mini-sites for each service/product you want to offer.
This option is amazing for growing your business to new levels.

23. Increase Engagement With Membership Forums

To provide an even better experience you can choose to host membership forums. This allows you to keep track of conversations with different members (making sure your always staying #personal) and you can choose to set them to private or public.

24. Coach, Consultant, Mentor it doesn't matter!

Formal agreements are always really important to make sure the customer and your business are covered and staying compliant.

Simplero allows you to only release products after the customer signs a formal agreement.

25. DIY Website?

You can make the entire website yourself!

You don’t need to pay anyone to make it for you, Simplero has a huge library of training videos so you can do it yourself.

26. Money Conscious

Cost is a huge factor for start-ups and small online businesses. The cost could seem like a huge commitment that you are not ready to make. However, there are huge ways to save money if you are paying for a variety of services.

With all these that Simplero replaces, it may end up saving you money. Here are some things Simplero could save money on:

  • an email marketing provider
  • course provider
  • premium website plugins
  • affiliate plugins
  • extra website hosting
  • spending time or money finding and moving data from all over the place
  • Zapier integrations
  • eCommerce plugins, extensions, hosting
  • premium CRM
  • video hosting on Vimeo
  • pop-up plugins
  • landing page builders

27. It Really Is The Easiest Service To Set Up!

The number 1 reason in ,our books, to choose Simplero is that it is just so easy to set up. As I am sure you are sick of us saying, the benefits of condensing everything into one service just is too good to ignore.

Seriously, if you are tired of having to keep track of everything across a million platforms then Simplero is SERIOUSLY worth it
Try Simplero for yourself today. You'll be 27 reasons glad you did!

Note: This post includes affiliate links which means that if you make a purchase, we will receive a small thank you commission at no additional cost to you. This does not impact our reviews and comparisons – we only recommend tools we have used extensively and love!

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