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Create sales Proposals for clients
using simplero


If you already use Simplero and want a nicer way to send prospective clients your service options than just an order form page, a handful of links to different products, or an unpersonalized sales page...

Don’t pay for *another* monthly software subscription!

We'll show you how to create beautiful, personalized and effective sales proposals to send to your clients without setting up and integrating another app. 

simplify and save time

In this online course you’ll learn how to use existing Simplero features to create and deliver beautifully branded, personalized, and mobile optimized proposals to your clients that allow them to securely purchase your services and digitally sign your client agreement.

Proposals with Simplero

This course covers: 

  • How proposals can work using Simplero features
  • Setting up Simplero to offer proposals
  • Creating & customizing your proposals
  • Delivering & tracking your proposals
  • Additional resources to optimize your sales process
  • A Simplero proposal template to copy to your account in one-click and get started!
Proposals with Simplero  (1)

Simplero proposals can include

  • consistent branding for a professional presentation.
  • a customized sales pitch for each client/offer.
  • one or multiple offers to buy or subscribe to.
  • the ability for clients to digitally sign a client agreement.*
  • the ability to  templatize your proposals and offers to save time.
  • automatic integration with Simplero and sales automations such as follow ups and onboarding!
Optimise & Grow

“I love how easy it is to customise each client’s proposal. And being able to make the sale right there through Simplero is the best.”

Optimise & Grow

“I no longer need another app to send proposals, another one to send the customer info to my CRM and project app, and another to invoice. It's all done in one place. Love it!”

Optimise & Grow

“This system is so easy to use! Takes all (well, okay, most of) the stress out of sending out proposals.”


What Simplero plan do I need?

The proposal setup process can be applied to any plan level of Simplero, however, you will need to have the mid-tier plan or higher to enable features like automations, custom URLs, and client agreement signing that are mentioned in this course.

Do I need to be techy to do this?

Setting up proposals in Simplero does require a little bit of technical setup (explained step-by-step) in the training). Once configured, the process of creating and sending proposals is rinse-and-repeat. 

Do you supply templates?

Yes, we include a Simplero page example that you can copy to your own account in one-click and customise to your own settings and branding theme. 

How do I access the course?

The course is hosted on Simplero so you can access the training anytime from your desktop, mobile device, or via the app. We would recommend watching on desktop to clearly see the configuration options displayed in the training videos.

How long can I access the course?

Upon purchase you will have access to the course, and any updates we add, for as long as we host the course. 

Do you offer support to help with creating proposals?

If you would like our assistance with building your proposals, setting up your Simplero account for proposals, or additional training and tech support, please reach out to us here for a quote. 

learn how to create and send proposals with simplero

Includes step-by-step training and swipe-and-start templates all for $99