Simplero Sales Funnels

Simplero Sales Funnel

Building a sales funnel is a strategic move for any business aiming to effectively convert leads into loyal customers. Here's why it's such an important tool:

Structured Customer Journey: A sales funnel provides a structured path for potential customers. It guides them from the initial stage of awareness all the way through to making a purchase and beyond. This structured approach ensures that no potential customers fall through the cracks.

Increased Efficiency: By automating parts of the sales process, a funnel allows businesses to handle more prospects with less effort. This automation means leads can be nurtured and converted with minimal manual intervention, saving time and resources.

Targeted Marketing: Sales funnels enable businesses to deliver targeted marketing messages at different stages of the customer journey. This targeted approach ensures that potential customers receive relevant information and offers that are more likely to result in conversions.

Data and Insights: Sales funnels provide valuable data on customer behavior, preferences, and where they drop off. These insights are crucial for optimizing marketing strategies and tailoring offerings to meet the needs and desires of the target audience.

Improved Customer Experience: A well-designed sales funnel can significantly enhance the customer experience. By providing timely and relevant information, and making the purchasing process smoother, customers are more likely to have a positive view of the business and its offerings.

Higher Conversion Rates: Ultimately, a sales funnel is designed to increase conversion rates. By nurturing leads and providing them with the right incentives at the right time, businesses can effectively turn interested prospects into paying customers.

Builds Customer Loyalty: Post-purchase, a sales funnel can help maintain the relationship with customers, encouraging repeat business and referrals, which are vital for long-term business growth.

Building a sales funnel is not just about making immediate sales; it's about creating a sustainable system that attracts, nurtures, converts, and retains customers in a way that is efficient, data-driven, and customer-centric. 

This is where Simplero fits perfectly into your tech stack.

Why use Simplero for Sales Funnels

Simplero offers a comprehensive suite of tools for building effective sales funnels, making it an invaluable asset for online businesses. The platform's features are designed to attract, engage, and educate potential customers, thus facilitating a seamless sales process. Plus, it offers everything you need to build and track your sales funnel in one platform!

One of the key features of Simplero is its capacity to attract customers. This is achieved through various tools such as user-friendly website creation, landing pages, and affiliate management. These features allow businesses to establish a robust online presence and effectively capture leads.

Engaging with customers is another area where Simplero excels. The platform offers robust email marketing and automation tools, enabling businesses to nurture leads through personalized communication. Additionally, Simplero provides functionalities for managing payments and subscriptions, which is crucial for converting leads into paying customers.

Simplero also excels in the area of education, which is vital for building long-term customer relationships. The platform allows businesses to create and manage courses and communities, offering an interactive learning experience. This feature, coupled with the ability to gain customer insights, enables businesses to tailor their offerings to meet the specific needs of their audience.

Setting up a sales funnel in Simplero is straightforward. The process involves creating a list and opt-in, setting up automations or autoresponders, and incorporating triggers to manage the customer journey effectively. For instance, a trigger can be set to stop the automation or unsubscribe a contact from a list once they purchase a product, ensuring that they do not receive redundant sales emails.

Simplero Sales Funnels

Set Up Your Simplero Sales Funnel

Building a sales funnel in Simplero involves several steps that leverage the platform's array of features. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you set up an effective Simplero sales funnel:

Identify Your Target Audience & Customer Journey: Before diving into Simplero, clarify who your target audience is. Understanding your audience's needs and pain points, then pairing this information with the sales journey you have mapped out for your customers, is crucial for creating a funnel that resonates with them. 

Create Your Offer: Decide what you will offer at each stage of the funnel. This could be a mix of free and paid products or services, such as ebooks, webinars, courses, or consultations. These items will need to be created and ready for setup in the system before setting the funnel live.

Set Up Product and Payment Options: If you’re selling products or services, configure the payment and subscription options within Simplero. This step is essential for smoothly processing transactions and managing recurring payments. If you wish to track the success of your funnel vs organic sales of a product, we recommend setting up a duplicate hidden product to use in the funnel only, or secret [FUNNEL] prices. We often also promote the use of secret prices for email sequence links to track the sales that come from automated emails. 

Create a Landing Page: Use Simplero’s landing page feature to create an engaging landing page with an integrated opt-in form. This page should outline your offer and include a form for visitors to enter their contact information, effectively capturing leads. If you are running a mix of email, organic, and paid traffic to this funnel and you want an easy way to track conversion from each channel, we recommend duplicating the landing page into new sales funnel branches and adding a trigger to tag contacts who opt-in on those specific pages with their respective channel. i.e. funnel-membershippackage-freevideo-fbads; funnel-membershippackage-freevideo-email. 

Create a Thank You Page: Create a page to redirect leads to after they opt-in on the landing page. This page typically delivers what was promised on the Landing Page and/or presents an offer. 

Create an Offer/Sales Page/s: In your Simplero sales funnel you can add multiple sales pages. A common setup may include a primary sales page, an upsell page, and a downsell page, each with different offers. Another funnel option may be that you include variations of the sales page to see which offer or wording converts best or to track which stage of the funnel the conversions for the product occurred if the offer is presented at different stages. 

Develop an Email Sequence: With Simplero’s email marketing and automation tools, set up a series of emails that will be sent to your leads. These emails should nurture your leads by providing valuable information, building trust, and gradually introducing your paid offer. Ensure to exclude delivery of emails to contacts who've already bought your offer.

Automate the Process: Utilise Simplero's automation tools to set up triggers and actions based on user behavior. For example, you can create an automation to send a follow-up email when a lead downloads a freebie or to stop the automation when a product is purchased. You can also automate the redirect from opt-in to the thank you page, and add certain automations triggered by different user behavior such as page views or clicks on specific links. 

TEST! Probably the MOST important step is to test your sales funnel before sharing it. Use a coupon code, or process the sales then refund yourself, to go through the entire sales funnel process to make sure the customers are going on the journey you intend and not getting lost, 404 page errors, or bombarded with emails they shouldn't get.

Track and Analyse Performance: Use Simplero’s analytics tools to monitor how your funnel is performing. Track metrics like open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates to understand where improvements are needed. Using specific funnel stage tagging and funnel-only products or prices can make analyzing your Simplero sales funnel data a lot easier. 

Refine and Optimize: Based on the data collected, make necessary adjustments to your funnel. This could involve tweaking your emails, landing page, or other elements to improve conversion rates. Simplero offers funnel split-testing, tagging funnel stages to deep dive into user behavior, and AI copy suggestions for emails and pages.


Simplify Your Sales Funnels with Simplero

Simplero is praised for its ease of use, time-saving capabilities, and ability to replace multiple software services. It provides a unified solution for managing various aspects of an online business, including website setup, funnel creation, list growth, payment processing, and community building. It's a versatile platform that simplifies the sales funnel process for online businesses. Its features are designed to attract, engage, and educate customers, making it a valuable tool for anyone looking to enhance their online sales strategy.

Remember, building a successful sales funnel is an iterative process. It's about testing, learning, and refining to find what works best for your audience and your business. Simplero provides a comprehensive and user-friendly platform to support you through each stage of this process.

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